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Duane Morrison.jpg (Duane Morrison, 53, was identified as the gunman by police).

Bailey, CO has been rocked by actions of a man under the influence of Evil. There is much healing to be done in this community for sure. It would be a PERFECT spot for men to plant churches. Looking at the demographic data, the median family income in this area is $57,012 and a poverty-rate of about 12%. So this is a community of working class and poor whites. The forgotten ones of Reformed church planting for sure.

Bailey's not "urban"(neither poor nor "cool and progressive with artists") nor "suburban", the income's not high enough, and it's the wrong racial group's poverty so I wonder if there are people who would consider moving there to help this community heal?

Park County, CO is in much need of missional salt and light!

Thank God for the Baptist, Methodist, and non-denominational churches for their vision, mission, and leadership for communities like this and for being there in Bailey, CO and Park County reminding the rest of the church that the Gospel is not only for the "cool and trendy" nor "the influential." May they serve the people during this time with the comfort of the Gospel.

High schools are some of the most dangerous places to be in America lately, it seems. Thoughts, fellas?

Here's a brief from CNN:

BAILEY, Colorado (CNN) -- As 16-year-old Emily Keyes was being held hostage by a gunman in the last hours of her life, she tapped out one last text message to her family: "I love u guys."

Police released the text message and a photo of Keyes on Thursday, as they continued to investigate the Wednesday incident in classroom 206 at Platte Canyon High School.

Keyes was one of two girls whose screams spurred SWAT teams to storm a Colorado classroom where a gunman was holding them hostage, officials said Thursday.

Duane Morrison, 53, had already sexually assaulted and "traumatized" the students when the raid was ordered to end the Wednesday standoff, Park County Sheriff Fred Wegener said.

Morrison used Keyes as a human shield when the officers burst in. Morrison shot her in the back of her head when she tried to escape, Joe Morales, executive director of Colorado's Department of Public Safety, told reporters.

terrell owens.jpg

I don't care what he and his publicist are now saying. I totally could see T.O. wanting to escape and end it. Like the rest of us, T.O. needs some help. Remember in Philly he secured his reputation for volatile mood swings that led to his frequent tirades, outrageous stunts, and team distractions. Looking at his NFL story one can only conclude that "T.O.'s got some issues." Why would a suicide attempt surprise us?

From Sports Illustrated:

"It was just an allergic reaction," Owens said. "It's very unfortunate for the reports to go from an allergic reaction to a definite suicide attempt."
Owens was hospitalized Tuesday night for what his publicist, Kim Etheredge, called an allergic reaction to medicine he was taking for his broken hand. Then, the story erupted around 8 a.m. Wednesday, when WFAA-TV in Dallas reported details of the police report it obtained.
The document stated that a friend, later identified as Etheredge, called 911 about a suicide attempt; that she told paramedics Owens was depressed; that his bottle of painkillers was empty; and that Owens said he was trying to harm himself.

Fellas, thoughts about T.O.? Was it suicide? Is he o.k.? What's up with T.O.?

kyle macdonald.jpg (Kyle and his paper clip)

(1) 33% of all dog owners would take a 5% pay cut if they were allowed to take their dogs to work with them. (surveys by Simply Hire and Dogster).

(2) 1,770 is the minimum number of state-sponsored excecutions in China in 2005 (more that 4 times the rest of world, TOTAL), according to Amnesty International.

(3) Kyle MacDonald made 14 swaps for things on the internet to get a house after starting with a red paper clip. Fellas, that's a lesson in Public Choice economics!!

(all taken form Details Magazine, September 2006, pg. 99)

Fellas, thoughts?

guilty offering plate.jpg

If I was pastoring a church we would NEVER pass an offering plate in front of people's faces every week, ever. There's no bibilical warrant for it (I think). And it's VERY awkward for non-Christians and for people who aren't members. We'd either do a direct deposit sort of thing or just have boxes in back if people want to give.

Walking row by row, manipulating people so that the person sitting next to them sees that they put "something" in is, at best, not getting at the heart of the issue--"a cheerful giver." Tithers don't need the guilt manipulated plate to pass them by every week. I am not alone.

Fellas, anybody know the history of this practice or where it's found in Scripture? Or why churches do it when it's completely unnecessary.

White Supremacist Spirituality



"The spirituality of white supremacy was crafted out of American history and created into something new in the United States. This spirituality burst forth from materiality but transcends each individual white person and subsequent white generations. It is immanent and immediate and lives on across time and is fed by its own rapacious internal drive from more power, privileges, and perks. Consequently, to be sane in America is to simply agree that white people's perpetual position at the top of the racial hierarchy is normal. Of course, only the mad would dispute this assertion. . .

[N]ow that U.S. white supremacist spirituality is the sole imperialist superpower across the earth, under the sea, and in space, one can feel immediately its unchecked performance in the Third World and even in its unilateral operations independent of its (supposedly) European allies' wishes."--Dwight Hopkins, Being Human: Race, Culture, and Religion, Fortress Press, 2005, pg. 130)

Hmm, ya don't hear this perspective much, do ya?

apostle communion with wine.jpg

Jesus used fermented grapes to remember his blood sacrifice (Matt 26:26-28) but many churches use grape juice like Thomas Welch said. The Welch's vs. Jesus and the Welch's won? Hmm. Many have argued just how weird it is that churches use grape juice for communion when (1) Jesus said to use wine and (2) Scripture does not condemn the consumption alcohol by Christians.

If you're going to use grape juice you might as well use a cookie or something. What's the difference?

Unbiblical reason not to use wine no. 1:
the Bible says that Christians should not drink alcohol at all. Myth. Find the verse.

Unbiblical and dumb reason no. 2: people who struggle with alcoholism shouldn't be tempted. What? The evangelical church is one of the most gluttonous and overeating communities you'll find in America. If anything, we should worry that the bread will tempt people to go to Old Country Buffet and eat from the various troughs as they stuff themselves after church on Sunday. There are more overeaters in your church than alcoholics. Few pastors have the courage to address overeating however. SIDENOTE: What would happen if the church treated people with drinking problems and over-eating problems the same way? Ok, so the weaker brother argument won't work here. Next?

Stupid reason no. 3: we've always done it like this. Ahh, not really. Using grape juice is new folks. The United Methodist started this during the women's temperance movement in the 1870s and 1880s. Here's the real reason: people don't know the history, they don't like change, and many claim that doing what Jesus actually said would now dissension. I think we heard about this before in Galatia (law vs. grace).

Fellas, AGAIN, remember that it was the temperance movement, that initially pushed Christians to never drink alcohol, even during communion. And United Methodist Minister Thomas Welch introduced the grape juice oddity (yes of Welch's graps juice folks) embracing this feminist project. Why do churches still use grape juice?

The only church I've been to that literally uses bread and wine like Jesus did was Intown Community Church in Atlanta. It was the most memorable time of celebrating the blesssed sacrament I've ever experienced. Maybe, that's because I grew up United Methodist. The other times have been at an Anglican monastery I used to frequent in Michigan.

Also Grace Orthodox Presbyterian Church uses wine like Jesus said instead of grape juice like the Welch's said and the OPC's explain why. Ahh, ya gotta love the OPCs!!

The burden is on those who divert from what Jesus used by using grape juice. You cannot biblically justify using grape juice, can you?

And P----LEASE don't offer the fiction about the wine Jesus used being non-alcoholic. There is no evidence for this at all. None.

Christianity Today tells more of the story of how churches, driven by the women's temperance movement, were dooped into switching from what Jesus actually used to what Thomas Welch, of the Welch's Grape Juice empire, pursuaded churches to use.

Fellas, what have you heard when it was explained to you by your church leaders when they justified following Thomas Welch by using grape juice instead of what Jesus used? Just curious. Wait a minute, don't tell me you've never asked.

Withdraw From Michigan State??


brady quinn.jpg

If any of you saw Michigan State blow a two touchdown lead (and then some) to loose to Notre Dame and you're a student there I understand why you're thinking about transferring to another school. That was the most pathetic thing that happened on Saturday. Pathetic. I now officially have no respect for Michigan State football. I say, put'em in Div II. Loosing a game like that means, as some would say, "you suck." The greatest thing, was Boston College finally facing the reality you can't play a whole season pinching wins out.

The Office


After watching the office last night I was like, "huh, what?" What'd you think?

Janet Jackson Not Sorry


Rolling Stone reports: "Appearing on THE OPRAH WINFREY SHOW, JANET JACKSON divulged that she regrets apologizing for her infamous "wardrobe malfunction" at the 2004 Super Bowl. She added that she hasn't spoken to partner-in-crime JUSTIN TIMBERLAKE since the fateful halftime show. The "Oprah" episode will air next Monday, and Jackson's new album, "20 YO," comes out the following day."


Ahhh, the games this weekend are kind'a lame. Clemson beats UNC by 14. The "upset" I have is Notre Dame losing to Michigan State. I'll get lots of work done this weekend. By the way, the PAC-10, and its officials, may be the worst conference in country.

Your picks?


jumper.jpg (a foiled suicide attempt)

Remember Jumper? This is an incredible Third Eye Bling song. Incredibly powerful.

I wish you would step back from that ledge my friend, You could cut ties with all the lies, that you've been living in, And if you do not want to see me again, I would understand. I would understand.

The angry boy,
a bit too insane,
Icing over a secret pain,
You know you don't belong,
You're the first to fight,
You're way too loud,
You're The flash of light,
on a burial shroud,

I know something's wrong,
Well everyone I know has got a reason,
to say,
put the past away,
I wish you would step back from that ledge my friend,
You could cut ties with all the lies,
That you've been living in,
And if you do not want to see me again,
I would understand,
I would understand.

[More lyrics below]


Fellas, Men's Health has some cool stuff about eating well and keeping the gut from getting ridiculous. You eat 6 TIMES A DAY and it's stuff you can do in less than 10-minutes!! Check this out:

"Most diets treat you as if you're the kid and they're the parent: No this, no that, no fruit, no bread, no meat, no potatoes, no sugar, no, no, no, no. And you end up hearing "no" more often than the science-club president 3 weeks before the prom. Yes, it's true that there are foods and substances so toxic that you should stiff-arm them like Reggie Bush shaking off a tackle. But there's an enormous world of wonderful foods out there just waiting for you. And it's not all veggies and tofu; the preferred foods are as diverse in taste as in nutritional power. How convenient that they line up next to the letters in ABS DIET POWER:

A- Almonds (and other nuts)
B- Beans (and other legumes)
S- Spinach (and other green vegetables)

D- Dairy
I- Instant oatmeal
E- Eggs
T- Turkey (and other lean meats)

P- Peanut butter
O- Olive oil
W- Whole grains (breads and cereals)
E- Extra-protein powder (whey)
R- Raspberries (and other berries)

How to do it: Eat three standard meals and three smaller snacks. For example:

11 a.m. SNACK
1 p.m. LUNCH
4 p.m. SNACK
6 p.m. DINNER
9 p.m. SNACK

The full article is here. Fellas, just because you're an American doesn't mean you have to eat like one! Got any more tips, suggestions, etc.?

native american gangs.jpg

Poverty, alcoholism, and drugs have born a generation of Native American gangs that are reaking havoc on Indian reservations. Why don't evangelicals know about this stuff? Have Christians simply abandoned Native Americans? Thankfully, Kevin Gray of Details Magazine has written an enlightening account of communities in crisis. Too bad Native Americans aren't "urban" or near large major Southern cities. Fellas, you gotta read this story.

It's story of a community of unfathered and unitiated men.

"Everybody think they got to prove something," Marty says, rolling a thin joint on a wooden bench while Daniel shoots baskets and Steve plays defense. [Marty is a 22-year-old high-school dropout, belongs to a gang called the Wild Boyz]. "Think they gotta be stronger than us, but they can't, because they need alcohol to give them courage. They can't just step up. . ."
"Our clique is about our culture," he says, "about being a man, and a warrior." Marty is the great-great-great-grandson of a Lakota chief named Red Cloud, a famous warrior and statesman. . .

Hmm, I want what the current evangelical church would actually be able to teach Marty being a man, an adventurer, a lover, a chief, and a sage? Riiiiiiiiight, here's the lame stuff you might get in some churches, "be a warrior for Jesus." Yeah, sure thing, but you never describe Jesus as "warrior" and the music we sing says nothing about war: "you are beautiful my sweet, sweet song."(pathetic)

These guys are shackled to hopelessness and despair.

Fellas, thoughts? What would you say to Marty? What does it look like to be missional in Marty's world?

[The article is here.]

College Football Reflections


Fellas, anybody got any reflections on last weekend's games. Clemson beat Florida State, Miami lost, Notre Dame lost(horaaaaay!), Auburn vs. LSU (whew!). . .

bad manners2.JPG

Simon Dumenco in Details Magazine laments in an article about the deteriotation of men with manners--ones who are mostly concerned about other people's comfort rather than their own. Dumenco gives some interesting advice (post below): being the kind of man who keeps his word. If you say you're going to be there, then BE THERE!! Man-up and commit.

Dumenco writes: "It’s come to this: Would you even blink an eye if you saw a guy in a baseball cap at a nice restaurant? What if he were chewing gum? And ignoring the people he was with so he could keep glancing at his BlackBerry? And clutching a pack of cigarettes for his imminent smoke break? And answering his (loudly vibrating) cell while sitting right there at the table, saying something along the lines of “Yeah, we’re at dinner right now. I dunno, shouldn’t be much longer. . . . You’re with who? Her?! That skank? Dude, I can’t believe you’re hitting that! . . .”

Not only would none of this be shocking; it’d be depressingly normal. Because nothing—not self-restraint, or peer pressure, or cultural expectations—prevents guys these days from exulting in their own self-entitled disregard for other people’s comfort. It’s a way of broadcasting their brazen independence, their get-out-of-the-way manliness. Because, you know, they’re rebels.

“That kind of behavior comes out of the self-absorbed ‘me’-ism of childhood,” says Peter Post, director of the Emily Post Institute and great-grandson of its legendary namesake. “Early on, boys discover that rebelliousness and rudeness are impressive to their two or three best friends.”

Fellas, thoughts, why is rudeness a virtue, like those guys "lacking impulse control" that surf the net during class?

Over the weekend in Chicago I have an AMAZING discussion with several Latino and African-American leaders about the African-American/Latino reunion in the church. Lord willing, it will happen soon. Looking at the this Hector Lavoe video, and the races represented, you'll see the sense this makes.

Since American cultural trends will be driven primarily by Latinos and African-Americans in the coming decades it only makes sense that both broad cultures begining learning from each other in different ways in the church. The racial divides, one guy intitmated, between Latinos, African-Americans, and Asians are the most paramount for the 21st century and needs immediate and prioritized attention. I think he's on to something.

Since worldwide Christianity is primarily centered in Africa, Asia, and Latin America. It only makes since that those groups in the states have ever-increasing conversations. Naci moreno!

Westminster school shooting.jpeg

KSDK St. Louis reported:

A senior student was shot at Westminster Christian Academy in Creve Coeur after police say he waved a rifle in their direction.

Police say a student text messaged a friend around 3 p.m. and said he planned to shoot himself. That friend alerted school administrators.

I spoke with several Westminster students last night and one student wondered why this sort of thing could happen at a Christian school and also feared all the gossip about the student and his family that is certainly to follow.

She said that this sort of thing one would expect at a public school but not a Christian school, "it's supposed to be safe."

I thought to myself, "why would anyone expect something like this NOT to happen at a Christian school." In addition to sadness of the incident, I was even more saddened by the idea some students expect that the somehow they're being protected from the unsafe world by being at a Christian school. The effects of the fall and the activity of the Enemy visit Christian schools and public schools alike.

[More of the story below]
Tough day.


Fellas, check this out:

We've all heard that white trash is "the worst kind of trash," usually uttured without a droplet of irony by persons who consider themselves strident antiracists. . .I thought the First Rule of Racial Etiguette was that no one should be permitted to insult a group to which they don't belong. Yet blacks, Jews, Asians, and Hispanics--and most significantly rich whites--can say "redneck" or "white trash" with impunity. . .

In order to avoid the appearance of racism, the defenders of such slurs hasten to note that they aren't referring to all whites--just the white trash.--The Redneck Manifesto: How Hillbillies, Hicks, and White Trash Became America's Scapegoats, by Jim Goad, pg. 21.

Fellas, thoughts? Is "white trash" a slur? If not, how is different than the "n" word?

Quote of the Week

You cannot have a thriving Church without a core of men who are followers of Christ. If the men are dead, the church is dead.
--David Murrow, Why Men Hate Going To Church.

Because of the current crisis some would argue that some communions may need to start organizations like "Men In The Church." Fellas, thoughts?


Guys, here's a good list from Esquire Magazine to get you ready in just a few months.

WEEK 1: 18 miles total. Longest run of the week: 8 miles.
Mix up your shorter runs so the distances and intensity vary. Augment those runs with leg-saving nonimpact workouts like swimming, biking, and the elliptical trainer.

WEEK 2: 21 miles. Long run: 11.
Long runs teach your body to burn fat for fuel and get your brain accustomed to an extended slog. Take it slow; you should be able to run and hold a conversation.

WEEK 3: 25 miles. Long run: 15.
Start doing crunches and other core exercises so you can stay upright for 26 miles. And buy yourself moisture-wicking shirts.

[guys, there's more. Question: has anyone actually run in one of these? Sounds crazy! People do this, huh?]

Best Dressed Real Men In America



Fellas, do think we'll ever go back wearing suits to baseball games? Esquire's doing their annual regular guy best dressed thing again. Remember, last year one of the finalists was a Christian school teacher/administrator from California, Andrew Gutierrez. This year there's a cop, a doctor, a guy in real estate, and some dudes working retail. So Esquire travels the country and has the local contests and guys wear stuff their own stuff. Read more here. Someone had this question: why is it o.k. for guys to blow money on landscaping stuff but it's "wordly and materialistic" to buy a really nice suit?

Remembering 9/11


What were you doing when you heard the news?

I was teaching at a high school in Philly and we watched the whole thing on television. The whole thing.

grady guy 2.jpg

"My dad played in the NFL for Tampa Bay"--Grady

"I learned the importance of being missional in every encounter."--Grady

"I am a perfectionist"--Grady

"I eat a lot of junk food, and ice cream is my weakness."

Fellas, if any of you have sisters around the age of 20 who are not married you may want to contact this guy. His website is here. Grady's story is an amazing story of God's promises those who follow him. I guess if there's one word to sum of Grady's 21-years it is simply, BLESSED. He's been spared a lot of the pain that you read about for most of the other guys interviewed on this site. Great stuff. Here's his story:

"My name is Grady Timothy Guy. I [turned] 22 on August 30th. I went to California Lutheran University and majored in Business Management. I majored in Business because it interested me in high school and it seemed like a practical major. I considered the idea of starting up my own business in another country to get my foot in the door of that country to be a missionary.

Since graduating in May I have had a amazing summer. I went to a senior high youth camp in Lake Shasta for a week as a camp counselor. Then I went to Albania on an evangelistic mission trip for a couple weeks to preach the gospel. Then I went to another youth conference in Anaheim called DCLA which was about sharing your faith. After the conference I recorded a few songs in Burbank to finish a CD I will be releasing in the coming months. So now that I am back in Oregon, it is time to start the job hunt.

[read more of Grady's story below]

Sat. 3:30 p.m. ET -- Chestnut Hill MA
18 CLEMSON (1-0)

Fellas, I have Clemson winning this by 3.

Notre Dame will lose to Penn State and, in an upset, South Carolina will sneak past Georgia to win by 1 point.

Fellas, what are your picks for Saturday?


Last night, I was nearly speechless after watching Crosby, Stills, Nash, and Young live, in concert--a dream of mine since college.

I didn't realize that baby-boomers still smoked that much pot. Whew! There was nothing more odd than seeing this woman with grey hair, two rows in front of me, take a drag off of a joint. Tisk, tisk you boomer druggies. . .

high school football.JPG

Driscoll's got these wonderfull equations to explain certain trends in the church over the years in The Radical Reformission:

(1) Gospel + Culture - Church= Parachurch
(2) Culture + Church - Gospel= Liberalism
(3) Church + Gospel - Culture= Fundamentalism

I'd like to focus on the parachurch youth ministry for a moment. Have Christians forgotten that whole families need the gospel, not just students? Granted, these groups were created out of frustration of the absence of the church being missional, but pragmatism has limits. Many believe that these organizations are now undermining the church's missional activity. Driscoll gives 3 reasons why:

[His reasons are below. Men, what are your thoughts on this?]

grabills natural law book.jpg

Stephen Grabill
(Ph.D., Calvin Theological Seminary and personal friend) has written an awesome book coming out in October called Rediscovering the Natural Law in Reformed Theological Ethics.

Here's a fact, fellas:
if a guy claims to be "Reformed" but has no appreciation nor use for natural law then you know he is not Reformed in terms of his theological knowledge and is ignorant of the actual tradition; and he´s probably read very little Reformed theologians from the Reformation era.

Also, fellas if someone says, "natural law is Catholic" you are free to chuckle (to yourself only). Don't embarrass people just because they haven't read carefully enough.

Natural law thinking is the other Reformed tradition as Grabill reminds a Reformed community with a Barthian memory.

"Stephen Grabill attempts the treacherous task of reintegrating Reformed Protestant theology with natural law by appealing to Reformation-era theologians such as John Calvin, Peter Martyr Vermigli, Johannes Althusius, and Francis Turretin, who carried over and refined the traditional understanding of this key doctrine. Rediscovering the Natural Law in Reformed Theological Ethics calls Christian ethicists, theologians, and laypersons to take another look at this vital element in the history of Christian ethical thought."--Eerdmans

Also, Dr. David VanDrunen, Robert B. Strimple Associate Professor of Systematic Theology and Christian Ethics at Westminster Seminary California, has written a small book called A Biblical Case for Natural Law, again, to help remind the Reformed Community of its lost tradition.

Do Yo Chain Hang Low?



St. Louis native, Jibbs, is blessing America with this song. It's more evidence that radio hip-hop is pathetic. Martin Luther King would be so proud of this stupid song I'm sure. Well at least it's not demeaning women. Maybe I'm the fool here and Jibbs is just mocking this side of hip hop culture (yeah, that's gotta be it). This is Jibbs with deep and thought provoking lyrics. The song is titled "Chain Hang Low." The only hip-hop worth listening to is the stuff in the underground movement (non-radio stuff). Jibbs has kids singing the chorus to, what sounds like, the music of an ice cream truck (actually, that's pretty creative).

Fellas, do yo chain hang low?

Do yo chain hang low, Do it wobble to da flo, Do it shine in da light, Iz it platinum, iz it gold? Could you throw it ova ya shoulda, If you hot it make you cold, Do ya chain hang low?

Iz that yo chain?
Bout 24 inches
Iz how low I let it hang,
Hop out the ride and let the diamonds
Smoke off the range,
Just bought a chain,
You can tell a big kid
Do his thang,
You kno the name

Guys, any thoughts about this song?

[Fellas, there more wonderfully stupid lyrics below. Guys, you gotta play this at your wedding]

arizona cardinals stadium.jpg
(Since Dennis Wellner cofounded HOK Sport in 1983, the Kansas City–based subsidiary of HOK has become one of the world’s largest designers of sports facilities and has built no less than 14 of the NFL’s 31 football fields?

Fellas, in the new Arizona Cardinal stadium they actually cart the natural grass in and out on wheels. The interior field slides out of the stadium in about an hour. Read this excerpt from an interview with Wellner who oversaw the $370 million project and concept as interviewed in Metropolis Magazine:

How would you describe what you call the “image” of the project?

It’s not what people would expect from a building that houses a football team. The way the cactuslike form sits on the landscape is visually striking. The client also wanted the building to be open to the outdoors, so it has a retractable roof. One of the downsides of football in Arizona is that it’s played in the fall, which is extremely hot and unbearable there. The building had to be enclosed to cool the environment for the fans, but it has an operable roof for good-weather days. The other unique feature is the natural–grass field, which is difficult to grow even in open-air buildings because of the shading. The entire field slides in and out of the building on a tray with 542 steel wheels that roll on 13 steel tracks, similar to train-track technology. It takes about 65 minutes to travel in one direction or another, which makes it easy to convert for other uses."

Rule, subdue, cultivate. Awesome!!

crocodile hunter.jpg

Mr Irwin, 44, died after being struck in the chest by the stingray's barb while he was filming a documentary in Queensland's Great Barrier Reef.

Fellas, thoughts?

This is crazy. A father went to visit his sons in college and shot them. Here's the story.

"A father and his two sons died Saturday in an apparent murder-suicide at Shepherd University, authorities said.

Douglas W. Pennington, 49, shot sons Logan, 26, and Benjamin, 24, multiple times then shot himself once in the chest with a .38 caliber revolver on the Shepherd University campus, state police said. Both sons were identified as Shepherd students.

Police said the elder Pennington traveled to the campus to visit his sons, but authorities offered no reason for the shootings. . ."

Saturday, Sept 2
CLEMSON vs Florida Atlantic
3:30 PM - Clemson, S.C.


Fellas, all of you all will be able to relate to Nate's story and the good questions he's asking about the Church. Nate's blog is HERE and his story and his ideas are even more compelling. This brutha's matured through some difficult circumstances over the years for sure! SOME CHURCH SHOULD INTERVIEW HIM FOR A JOB SOON!!!! You'll actually learn a lot about birds in his story too. He's the real deal. Here's his story:

"I am 26. Right now all I am doing is working in a paint store as a temporary job till I find a church. This is the job that I worked through my three years at Bethel Seminary along with a youth internship with the high school youth group at a local Baptist church. I just finished seminary and the internship this summer, so I am without school and a church right now.

I was born in Washington state and moved to Indianapolis when I was five, Ironwood, MI when I was 10, and Wausau WI when I was 14. My dad was a pastor at three different churches and sadly encountered the dark side of church congregations. Going through three different churches and getting burned each time is a tough way to discern one's call. He is now a banker and is a blessing on so many people's lives and is appreciated for what he does.

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