Pathetic New Ken Doll--Little Girls Taught That Real Men Carry Sparkly Purses and Are Boy Toys



Katherine Wheatlock laments the emasculated feminized version of the new Ken Doll in Details Magazine (April 2006, pg. 76-78). And he is pathetic, folks. Ken now is a mere boy toy for the career-oriented liberated Barbie. Valerie Steele says that Ken went from being initially a straight looking high school sweatheart, to an 1980s corporate type, but now "he's been reduced to an escort." Barbie has lately been portrayed as highly successful professional and actually left Ken for Blain.

Liberated Barbie evolved "by some measure the quintessential American girl [into] a multi-tasking independent woman (albeit a scantily clad, buxom blonde one). Ken, meanwhile, has devolved into an impotent boy toy," says Wheatlock. Sadly, fellas, a lot of the women at your school probably see you this way as well.

Fellas, the new Ken doll is a sad reflection on our culture's view of American masculinity.

"We are a point culturally where traditional male traits are considered distasteful," says neo-feminist writer Camille Paglia. "The message is 'Don't be a man.' At this rate, the next doll is going to be transgenered."

If you don't think this is a big deal, consider this: millions of 6-year-old girls WORLDWIDE will grow up with the perception that the typical American male carries a sparkly man purse and can't be relied on to do much more than look pretty in the passenger's seat of her Corvette, says Wheatlock. If Ken's the all-American guy, then America is jacked. Sick, I tell ya!


Hey, nothing new. The female mystics did the same thing with Jesus from the 13th Century on.

Barbie left Ken for a GI Joe doll a long time ago, haha.

Is it OK if I carry a man-purse so long as it doesn't sparkle?

Chris, I'd rather her get back with GI Joe than the lame dude they just rolled out a few months ago. At least GI Joe is a man on a mission.

Aniskan, haha, well it seems like that mystic tradition remains alive and well.


Yeah, if you get a man purse just make sure it's a small, leather joint from Kenneth Cole or Cole Hahn or something like that (haha). . .

Sad. Maybe the church could come up with a "Missional Ken"! What would that look like?

The missional Ken doll would look like this:

I thought that it was Ken who ran away with his very very good friend Blain. :^) It would make more sense at least.

I don't subscribe to Details, so I didn't read the article, but I'm wondering exactly how Ken has been emasculated, apart from having a sparkly man-purse. I see those on campus all of the time (of the non-sparkling variety, of course). He's wearing fashionable clothing and he has a different face sculpt, but how has he been feminized? Mattel's "biography" may say that he's a Buddhist and that he listens to Norah Jones, but how many seven-year-old girls actually care about such things? Whenever I've seen my friends' younger sisters playing with Barbie, they always make Ken play house and do "girly" things. I fear that our friend Ken has been emasculated for decades already; a new wardrobe won't change anything.

I have my own problems with Barbie, but that's for a different topic. :)

Reality: most six year old girls will not remember what thay thought at six years old, when they grow up. This is giving WAY to much power to a doll! Example: some little girls, who've since grown up to be sensitive women, took one of their barbies, cut her hair to just sprigs and named her chemo barbie. I don't mean in any way to hurt anyone going through chemo, just that's an example of play among young children. They're immature in their thought processes. It's watching their parents, relatives, caretakers that has the most influence, that's if no sexual abuse happens.

You are lamenting the Ken doll? Hello, did you notice your listing of "guy stuff"? Give me a break.

I've been thinking about this for the last 24 hours. I've concluded I just wouldn't feel right if my man-purse doesn't sparkle.

the new ken doll probably half tucks too!

If Ken's sparkly man-purse goes missing, I suggest he look in Barbies closet!

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