All Men Will Cheat on Their Wives


I'm in Antigua, Guatemala and in this town about 75-80% of the men committ adultery regularly. Seriously!! Adultery is so ingrained in the mindset here that many women acutally believe that it's impossible for a man to be faithful to one woman during his life time. A friend of mine acutally argued with a woman here in town that it is possible for a man to committed to one woman his entire life.

And so the women simply tolerate the infidelity. Pretty sad huh? The statment that all men will cheat on their wives here is understood as fact. Is it true in America? It doesn't look good so far?

PS--sorry for the lack of entries lately--time has been short.

(NOTE: This was originally posted on Sept. 9, 2003. Since that time, people have been posting comments ever since. The stories in the comment section are horribly sad. I re-post this because obviously this is a larger issue in America than I was aware of. Some stories left me speechless. The lastest comment was posted 2/26/05)


Yes, someone came back into my life a few years baaack. I was engaaged to him back in the 60,s. I work in a store when he hapened to come in. He is married and Iam widowed. I never see him, but wonder why he wanted to see me again. His anwer was because I was his forst love. He never did saaay anything bad about his wife. Well, I should have told him he is married so not to call me, but I didn,t.

It is no different in think that cheating on their wives is a right of passage. I do not think it is possible for men to be committed to one woman. Of coarse our society is ok with men cheating.....but let a woman get caught.

I honestly dont believe that EVERY man has or is going to cheat on their wife. That is stero typing and imature for anyone to say that. Of course no man is perfect. We all have sinned, but thats not any reason to accuse all men of cheating.

i agree with CC... it is a stero type just like the stereo type that all wives cheat on there husbands. I do believe that more men do cheat than dont though; because now it is so easy and commitment doesnt mean quite what it used to mean. So when you do find a good, faithful man you should learn to appreciate him, and hold on to him.

I think men don't understand the meaning of being faithful. They think that they are being faithful until the begin to have feelings for the "other woman". If they are simply have sex with someone else thats all it is; sex. They never think about their family, and all the hurt they cause-until the get caught. I found a womans number in my husbands pants pocket, I called her and she told me all the details. Men you will get caught someday!

My husband had an emotional telephone connection with a woman he worked with. He says it was only talking on the phone. After 10 years how could that be. He declares that there was nothing physical. He never looked at the phone conversations as nothing more than conversation.
He has never been a lying person, but I have problems with his explanations. 45 phone calls + seem to have a lot more connection than hello.

Connie, the frequency and number of calls seem to speak to what some call "emotional adultery." I know of a woman who filed for divorce because of it. That said, emtional adultery is a form of infedility that a couple can work through over time in terms of healing and does not warrant divorce.

I am 21 and have been seeing a married man for over a year, he is 40. I met and communicated with this 45 year old widower for about 9 months. We communicated on and off, he is now married. He never told me. I asked after hearing through a friend. He admitted it but said he did not want to hurt me and feared losing contact with me completely.
During that conversation he said he really wanted to see me. He took me to his house. We watched a Lifetime movie, LOL which he says he loves...ugh! And I bantered him b/c of his passivity and suggested that things should have been different. He then kissed me, on my mouth, forehead, and then we laid down on the sofa, then on his bed. He only caressed me, fondled me, but sensing my nervousness he suggested we postpone sex. WHAT IS THIS GUY's DEAL. WHAT SHOULD I DO??
I know that I am not obligated to either one but the other man and I are exclusive and I promised him I was over this other guy. HELP. Please.

I believe that the reasons why man cheat on their wives are many
1) They are sure that even if they were to be caught the woman would not leave him anywhere.
2) They seek some kind of satisfaction with they think is going to be satisfied by having sex with some other woman.They discover that something is missing in their lives and they quikly think that sex will satisfy that unkwon need.
3) I think its all natural for anyone to cheat on their spouse be it a man or a woman.Being with one person or having one thing all the time will automatically result in boredom. Aren't there timses when we look for other friends even though we already have other friends. Imagine if you were to eat potatoes everyday of your live, you would definately end up disliking them.

The main reason why men cheat is because of an imbalance in their lives.All won't be well in their lives(spiritualy, mentally), Ac however they can not quikly perceive this they feel it but they are not aware of it. The result is they unconsiously try to fill that gap immediately but doing many things, ses and an affair being one pf them. Even man themselves are not realy aware of why they cheat on their spouses because they never seat down and realy think about the reason why they cheat on their wives.


You were made for something better than this. You were created for something better than this. You deserve something better than this!!

DUMP this looser and embrace the best. Don't have sex with him because he does not deserve your heart in that way. If you think sex is going to keep committed to you your WRONG. He's loser who'll treat you the same way he's currently treating his wife.

I know you long to be loved but this guy can't deliver what you need. You need something better, lasting, transcendent, beautiful, and worthy of what you were made for. It would be found there. It's impossible.

This 40-year-old passive man is not a man. Saucy, you need so much more that what he'll ever be able to give you and deep down you know this. It's your fears and your own past pain that keeps you from doing what you know is best for your heart.

Thanks for your comments Anthony. I have spoken with this man again. He is full of excuses but never does he say. . . I made a mistake or I have feelings for you. Its all about desire. There is a book entitled Is It Love or Is it Addiction, by Brenda Schaeffer. It discusses why we are drawn to people in a certain way, why we feel as if we have to be with someone, and healthy love vs. unhealthy love.
Even though I have not read it entirely the chapters that I have read helped me identify all the "warning signs" and THIS "RELATIONSHIP" contains all those characteristics. I have decided against giving in to this man.

Saucy, this is good news. There so much more about how you were made than you even realize and it should be treated with the greatest of care!!

I've known my husband for five years, married one year. I just find out he has gotten his co-worker pregnant. I am pissed, hurt and damaged at times. I try to stay calm for the kids. I have three children. we have a young son together. What do I do? I do not wish to further this "so called" relationship.

I've been married for almost 6 years now. I recently found out that my husband cheated on me by simply asking him if he ever had a fling. He told me "he had a moment of weakness". Our relationship is a long distance one and we only see each other every time he comes home. I had too much expectations from him and I thought of him as perfect and strong and who is committed to his family. He's trying to win me back now. I'm not sure if he's worth accepting and if I should give our relationship a try. I'm still hurting. I just don't understand why do men can't help themselves when they feel empty, or is it really the feeling of emptiness or just an "itch". It disgusts me knowing he shared something so intimate with someone else while I'm waiting for him and totally avoiding all temptations that have come my way. Why do men can't be contented with just one partner? How I hate men now!!!!!!!!!

i found out my husband of twenty years had an affair its driving me crazy why did he lie about it he says he loves me but he said he loved her i saw the e mails but he says i should beleive him how can i do that

I was lured in by a married man who lied about it and his 6month old son to play out this fantasy romance with me. I've endured a lifetime of abuse, emotional and physical and after 17 years of such a marraige- I thought this man's love was sent from heaven. After just a few weeks he turned on me. Cut down on his calls, texts and arranged meetings.He refuses to end it, says he wants me and when we are together he appears to be so sincereand full of passion.But I think it is finally over, I have not heard from him in three weeks and tonight being Valentine's day... I guess I should accept that- he's done. It hurts to be used like a disposable rag...but one thing is for sure... I am lucky that I'm not his wife!

I believe he loves you. I think he has a problem. I have a similar one, but I must say I love my husband. However, my husband has bigger problems than me and though I love him- I am hurting because of the missing affection, intimacy, common courtisies and intellectual stimulation. If you are good to him and truly have a simple relationship-to him- it cannot be that he doesn't love you. He has a problem. Perhaps you cannot fix it. Perhaps you should not. You may want to let go. I would not blame you. But his actions don't mean he doesn't love you. It could be he is insecure, self centered, egotistical and stupid- which is no reflection on you or his actual feelings for you.Of course an affair with someone he comes to think he loves could be a disaster even for a marraige of twenty years- even where he still loves his wife. If you believe he is worth the fight- do it- hold on to him and help him see the wonder of your marraige and your love, or at least try but whlie you do out for yourself- fix your finances first- and improve on anything for yourself-self esteem, hair, body, interests. Don't keep the circle around him! Keep it around you! PS He lied because no one can face the truth when it is so damaging. He didn't want to hurt you, though now he may turn it around on you... beware.

My boyfriend once cheated on me with his ex-gf who was trying to get back with him while I was out of town. He was crying when he told me this. He says that she made him do it, and that he just felt bad about her begging and saying that she loved him. He also says that he stopped it after a while, and that he did not feel anything for her. I feel that he loves me, and that girl is now out of the way. I forgave him and we've been together for 7 months now. Now we have decided to get married. Do you think I should trust him. sometimes I think he might cheat on me again.

Ive been married 19yrs and until 5 yrs.ago after he was forced to tell me about screwing my best friend,I was in denial. I caught him 3 times with his old girlfriend a real skank,this women called my labor room and stupid hubby said it was her and she wanted to see how I was(right)Ive tried to end it,he uses our 2 teenage boys to hurt me and has no boundries,last year Ive hit my breaking point,i had to sell our house due to his abuse&ex hitting my car&breaking in my house,I now after 3 years of therapy wasnt to know the truth about all the times he lied about where he was,3yrs ago cologne of his was in my cars glove box,his answers are always I dont remember or after I catch and can prove lie after lie he defers the subject to I am the problem because I cant let go of the past,hes emotionally and mentally tortured me for years tearing me down no matter what I did,what sucks is being healthy and out of denial I realize he was so cold and emotionlly&at times physically abusive as if I were a blind date he wanted to escape,he says he loves me after 1 yr.seperation but I cant escape the total lack of trust unless he comes clean 'he knows I figured things out and am suffering,I did just get a lawyer threw legal aide its such a shame to lose your family over coming clean and I am a very understanding person but his time is up I have all the nessacy papers the lawyer needed and I am trying to be decent he taking our 2 boys on a cruise to the bahamas(shockingly I wasnt invited)he just wants to bond with the boys but in 19 years Ive never had any vacation little own a cruise but its always what he wants and always found a reason I couldnt go usually my fault but I KNOW hes sick and I no longer and .Iam waiting til after april vacation &the cruise eo have my lawyer file so he dont ruin the kids time,Any advice on how to stay stong after his nice act fails and he as a controller does how to approach him and ask him not to go out for my blood and do anything the can to hurt me I just found out 4 yrs ago he called dss on me for tossing him out for not just abusing me he tried it on my kids and out he went but Iknow this divorce is going to happen no doubts at all,is there any way to make him see what his mean and at times sick &evil things have already done to us.Im trying not to write a novel 19 yrs is along time and I told you only 10%of what hes done,any advice how to deal with him,thanks

Hey Ant! Just wandering over from WORLD...

A lot of guys cheat. I know in the Air Force it's especially common. I naively thought that was restricted to military life, because of the pressures of the job but I found out it's just not so. Apparently a lot of mean commit adultry simply because they want the adventure. It has nothing to do with whether they love their wives are not. (Woah, men can sure be pigs and rationalize away their sin, can't they?) They just get bored.

Of course, other men are violent, abusive, liars, stealers, and murders, but are they all? No. Just like all sins, not everyone does them. Sexual sins are easier for men to fall into, but that doesn't mean they all do.

And really, does it matter whether all the other men are adultreous? It's more important that YOU aren't!

Gosh-it is awful. I see what you girls are going through and I wish I was not a part of the cheaters. You have every right to feel all the pain, anger , frustration etc. Debbie- you need to run away from that creep! He is a hater on you. He will not change. He is not cheating and coming home and acting decent towards you. You will blossom if you run. You will heal and go on and maybe find someone who will treat you with dignity. But the less severe cases- a situation of "something missing" and two lovers fulfilling that need, it is a reality and not necessarily malicious. I have been so starved for affection and love. I did stupid things. I prayed my husband would give me that love. He never did. So many others have come to me offering love. I did not cheat. i cried and cried and waited. 17 years of his crap... and finally, I succumbed and I can't help but long for someone else, someone I can't have because I am not available,someone who is also not available but has lit me up. I rarely get time with him, but I am so in love. If I never see him again- it is a tragic reality- a lost opportunity for all of us. Even my spouse- deserves to be with someone who he loves and understands, someone who makes him happy. Instead- because of our 17 years and two children-and some difficulties he is still fighting to overcome(not drug addiction either) I am sticking with him in misery hoping when we get to the other side of it- we will both be whole and not too old to fulfill our basic need for true love. Until then I ache and wait and lie and cheat.. but I would give my spouse everything, my money, most of my attention, lots of encouragement, and whatever he asks. I just can't help the other part. My lover returned and I flew to him. three hours of bliss and he disappeared again. Why is life so difficult. why can't we love and be loved?

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want to help a friend that has big issues with cheating. he needs and wants the help. ive known him for over20 years its is a pattern he wants to chenge. would like to know wats avaulibe on internet.

i think men cheat because it's there,there is always gonna be a woman that will meet a man and sleep with him that night,and he holds on to you because you've always been there,he doesnt necessarily want to be with you but he doesnt want anyone else making you happy either,and myself included i dont think we as women will ever stand up and say it's enough,i wont be treated this way,i deserve to loved,i deserve to be able to trust and believe in the person i love,until we as a whole unit make men accountable for there actions,or stop sleeping with men who or attached ,or stop trying to break up something you already know 2 people have,things won't change,they'll remain in the state they are in

Hi, i want to tell you my story. I am a married woman of two children (newborn 5 weeks old), during my early pregnancy I fell in love with a married man. (I was having marital issues). I had an affair with this married man and I was pregnant at the time with my husbands child. The man i had an affair with was very in love with me, and i him (so he said). He has been married for over 30 years. Anyway, I got caught 2 months ago, and my husband is divorcing me, his wife is still with him but we have no contact anymore. His wife knows about the affair too. I am wondering, if he was so in love with me, why does he stay with his wife? If i could be with him, i would?? Do men leave for the "other" woman??

Hi, i want to tell you my story. I am a married woman of two children (newborn 5 weeks old), during my early pregnancy I fell in love with a married man. (I was having marital issues). I had an affair with this married man and I was pregnant at the time with my husbands child. The man i had an affair with was very in love with me, and i him (so he said). He has been married for over 30 years. Anyway, I got caught 2 months ago, and my husband is divorcing me, his wife is still with him but we have no contact anymore. His wife knows about the affair too. I am wondering, if he was so in love with me, why does he stay with his wife? If i could be with him, i would?? Do men leave for the "other" woman??

My love told me that men do leave their wives for thier lovers. I believe the ratio is very low. I don't reccommend you count on it. In fact, now that you are free of the marriage you had(which may have been special but was in crisis since you had an affair, but not necessarily because of the affair- is over, you can make yourself available to someone who could love you. Unfortunately you will be otherwise engaged for a while with your new baby. you should be carefule to shower your children with your love and never forget-that your need for love- is as great as theirs. In time- if you stay the course- you will attract a new love and if you are smater this time, you will never spend time with a married man, and you will find something special. Just be more careful and hold out for something good. Hold on-hold out make a list of things you need and want in your man and don't get involved with anyone who is a compromise. This is your chance to live as a good parent and eventually a faithful lover who is loved and respected in return. Married people who cheat- are people with problems- steer clear- there is nothing good in it for you. This is your chance ...

i dont think its fair to say that all men WILL cheat because there are some decent men! iam in a long term relationship and i know for a fact that my partner would never even think about cheating on me.

Hey Kezzie,
I have to wake you up on one thing. Your man may never cheat on you but he has and will continue to be tempted and sometimes even entertain the thought of cheating. But the reason why he doesn't is because he loves you and respects you enough or to the utmost to where he know he will lose something very valuable to him. The reason why I say this is because I have been married for 7 years and I have nevered cheated on my wife but I have been tempted too many times to count. I have often times thought about it and how I could get away with it. But the plain truth is my wife satisfies me to the ustmost and why risk losing my family over a 14 - 45 minute screw. But the thought did come and at times it was entertained. Just keeping it real girl friend.

My husband started and carried on a relationship with my best friend for months. He said that they were "just friends" and they only spoke on the phone. However, the talks grew to 74 in one month and moved to phrases like "love ya - miss ya - can't wait to see you". Her husband found out and asked them both to stop the calls. They switched from cell phones to home phones so they would not be noticed on the bills and then arranged to meet for breakfast at a mutual location. My best friend told me she was meeting an old work associate and my husband works out of town so I would have never knew where he was at any time. That meeting didn't happen due to scheduling of my husband's work - they then re-scheduled for the next day. The betrayal and deceit I feel is overwhelming. I consider this an affair of the heart. They say they did not do anything physical but there has been opportunity and since I have found out my husband has lied about everything until I show him proof. Is this an affair?

To tara posted on March 29th 2005. My husband had an affair with a woman who lived in Ecuador over a period of 2 years. We lived in Chicago. When I found out 5 years ago I wanted a divorce andhe told me it was just physical with her, she was easy, let's get counselling and that he was in love with me. Being an idiot and in love I said ok and a year later he asked me to start a family, after 3 years of infertility treatments and losses we gave up and got pregnant naturally last year. Four months into the pregnancy this woman called my house...she moved from Ecuador to Atlanta, got married "for her green card" but still communicated with my husband....they had something special she told me...take my baby and leave, don't use the baby to keep him in a marriage he was unhappy in and as soon as he was free she was going to continue her life with him. OK he left two days later...I had the baby 4 months later and 6 weeks after I had a beautiful, healthy baby boy we got divorced. He moved to Atlanta to be with her in December and they are together now. So they do leave not only their wives but their only baby tobe with the other women. I have no sympathy for women who cheat on their spouses....

I would like to post some information about Guatemala also. The men are awful and horrible, but the women are stupid. And, sadly enough, it's not only Guatemalan women; many US women get caught up in it. Antigua is one of the worst cities in Guatemala for adultery as the foreigners traveling through is high. There are many Guatemalan men who feed off the rich American or European women who travel through and lead them to believe A LOT of things. I have seen it over and over and over. I have lived in Guatemala (7 months) and traveled there a significant amount of time otherwise. The only men that are typically worth anything are the ones who have lived in other parts of the world for extended periods of time. They have seen what it is like on the outside. Guatemala is infested with men who believe they can do whatever they want; they are lazy, liars and cheaters, and basically use women for money and whatever they can get. I hope this helps a girl someday who gets caught up in the Latin Love that seems so wonderful; it's not. JUST BE CAREFUL with who you give your heart to in a latin country. As my sister would say "They are lovers, but they are fuckers too."

I wish I could post warnings in the city for all women; "Watch out for the Latin Lover unless you just want to get laid." That's about all they are worth.

I could tell my story, but I won't; it's too long. Men in Guatemala and I assume, elsewhere, will continue to treat women this way, if women continue to put up with it. It's that simple.

Me, great question. Some would argue that it's an affiar of the heart. I do know of a woman who sued for divorce because of "emotinal adultery". I'm not suggesting this as a way to heal your marriage but counseling that deals with both your heart and your husband's heart provides the deepest and most long-term approach for bringing healing and restoration to the beauty of what God intended marriage to be like.


I think that men cheat on their wives is because once they get married the wife lets go of herself, has kids dosen't stay in shape after having them, gets lazy about sex, stops wearing nice clothes, never wears make up etc.Married Women don't realise this.

I have been married for 15 yrs-hiave 4 kids. Last year I found out my husband had been communication with another woman. She left him a message which accidently I heard. When I asked him he said he didn't know who she was. But I later found out who she was and confronted both of them. He has denied sleeping with her but I don't beleive him. He hides his cell phone bill, his bank stmt has withdrawls that is not spent at home. I am so confused right now. Should I divorce him?

Hygomous hogymous women are monogomyst...hogymous hygomist men are polygmist.

Sanah, this is horribly sad. My heart breaks for you and your kids. I would strongly suggest getting more information before filing however, the truth may come out in the process of discovery after a filing. I'm not a fan of divorce but given the circumstances I could understand why you would want to. Getting counsel from a church in your area may be a good place to start.

I do not believe that most men cheat. I believe that some men cheat. I also believe they either model their family behavior, or go the opposite direction because they are so turned off by it. My fiance hates the idea of cheating, because his father cheated on his mother and he saw it. It hurt him, because his father was a married man...and not to his mother and as the result, he grew up in a third world Latin country without a decent father.

If this man cheated on me, then I pity the woman he did it with, because he is home after work every night and with me every other moment of time he has free. I suppose there is a window of time at work, he could have, but it's improbable based on his revulsion towards it.

To label genders this way, is to deny the good in the human spirit. I don't assume all men cheat, because I believe they can feel as deeply as I do, and I don't cheat. I also assume they can be as disgusted by it as I am because they aren't simply men, but human beings.
And every human being has the capacity to draw a line that they never cross for what ever reasons. I compare this to various sex acts that one can't cross that moral boundary to actually do. Just as not all men are pedophiles. Not all men are abusers. Not all men are gay. And so on.

I think every human being is attracted to another human being at one time in their relationship, but the measure of that person is if they act upon that or not and the level of respect they have for the person they are involved with. Those that do, I would never trust again, nor would I trust them if they cheated with me, because I don't think I'm any more special than another person and I sense they would cheat on me eventually as well. Those that don't are the most valuable diamonds among human beings.

Dear all , this may be irrelevent...but

I'm 21 and in my frst serious relationship. My boyfriend has a very "colorful" sexual past, and I don't. This often makes me insecure and paranoid that he will cheat on me...

he subscribes to playboy and claims he reads them for the articles (yea right)...If he was honest about masterbating to them, i would talk to him about it and wonder why...but he lies and even swears on his son's life (yes he had a kid from one of his irresponsible past flings..) that he doesn't masterbate to other women in playboy...he claims that the smears I've found could be anything (the smears are definitley sperm I'm a bioligy student i've seen this before...and the smears are only on the naked centerfold pics...)

his lying and swearing to god that he doesn't makes me feel that he may be lying about other more imp/ things...i've sent theses articles to the lab to be tested for sperm if it matches a sample i had of his...i know he is lying and that i'm getting nutts about it. if it comes out a positive match i'm leaving him for lying about this.

WHAT SHOULD I DO!!! I've never been to close and in love with a person, i feel this normal?

I am 35 and my spouse is going to be 40. I always thaught that my spouse would always be faithful. I have known him since he was 18. It was just something you knew in your heart that your respect and love for each other was enough to reassure that you were safe. You never had to be jealous. The relationship was very comfortable. I had a great friend. I talked to her everyday and worked with her and babysat her son every weekend. I was good to her and she was good to me. We had a great friendship. I went out of town one weekend and my best friend and spouse met leaving the bar and ended up screwing. I knew from the moment I walked in the house. It felt like someone punched me in the stomach. I knew I was right. Neither would admit to it. 2 days later my friend snapped from the pressure and admitted to it. The problem is she is a slut. She sleeps with everyone, maybe 6 people that week with no protection. 200 parteners and she is 27 with no protection. My spouse is devasted. He was drunk and I know that it is no excuse. He swears that he loves me and he is so sad and hurt because he hurt me. and destroyed the trust and respect. He took everything we had for 10 years and threw it away. and then left me with the decision,, do I stay or go. I was in shock and my family are too. He said he didn't mean anything, he was so drunk. He wished it had never happened. He said he would wait forever for me. There was no way he could loose everything, to please forgive him. My best friend on the other hand was out drinking the night after begging for sex and having a great time. She was fine with me. Until I busted her. Then it was poor me I screwed up and I can't change it and I slit my writs and I can't eat and whah whah whah whah. I decided to stay and try to work out things. Because deep in my heart I know that it wasn't planned by him. It was a mistake. I am going to try and move past it, on the other hand I am so angry with her because I know secertly after thinking back it was planned by her from the beginning. What would you do!ps. I didn't know that she was a slut to that extent until after the fact and I also have 3 children and do not drink and go to the bars. My spouse rarely goes to the bar either. He just found out his father has cancer and has been drinking after work on fri nights. He is a good father. Help

I am a 28 yr. old mother of a 9 yr old and don't feel like I have time to waste anymore.I have had several bad relationships and I am very skeptical when I meet some one new. I recently started seeing a 31 yr old man who is married and has a child with his wife of somewhere around 7 years. In the past I had a relationship with a man who was cheating on his wife, I did not know they were still together and found out later, (I felt horrible for her and talked to her to make sure she was aware of her husbands infedelity.)
The man I recently began seeing also says it is over with his wife and that they have just avoided the topic of the divorce and their living situation for a long time. I am having a hard time believing this guy because of my past experience with a married man. The wife still lives at the house and he says he is going to try to change the situation asap, I do not know what to believe because I do not know him or anyone who does, very well. I don't know if I should just dump this guy and move on or if I should wait and see what happens, all I know is I am uncomfortable with the whole thing. I want to meet and marry some day, I feel like this will just be a waste of my precious time I do have to meet someone. Should I wait for this guy or should I just NOT even take the chance of him lying and me finding out the truth later on and getting hurt in the end of it all.I DON'T KNOW WHAT TO DO HERE.

Dear Chrissy,
I believe you should look at why he would lie to you about this, chances are he is embarrassed about his masterbating to naked pictures. But if he is in love with you and is not a lying type of guy he would come clean about what the stuff is on the pictures. He probably will lie to you in the future about more important issues and you are better off getting out before you go through the pain later.It sounds like you are smart enough to figure out what you need to do about this situation, besides his "colorful" sex life in the past will more than likely eat at you for a very long time, eventually you may even feel not good enough for him. Question why he has to lie and what does this say for him in your relationship in the future.

Chrissy: Of course your man is jerking off to Playboy centerfolds. Duh. You don't need a lab to test for that. And if you're getting a lab to test for that, I think you've got some deep-seated issues.

Angel: You consider that whore to be your best friend? Why would anyone want to have someone that they consider a slut for a best friend? Ditch her. She's no good for you, and nothing good can come from a continued relationship with her. And your hubbie's excuse about being "drunk" is a load of crap. Alcohol only brings out the worst in someone that already there. He screwed her because he WANTED TO. The alcohol only removed his inhibitions. His lust was already there.

T: THE MAN IS MARRIED. You can rationalize how a relationship "might be ok" all you want. IT IS NOT OK. AGAIN, THE MAN IS MARRIED. Leave him the heck alone. He's full of crap. He's not going to leave his wife for you or whatever garbage he's been telling you and you need to get out before you get hurt any worse than you already are.

Dear ME,
I wanted to reply to your post because i have been in the situation once or twice with a friend of mine throwing herself at a boyfriend and I did not appreciate that at all. First, kill her with kindness, she will feel terrible if she has ever even thought of touching your husband, teel her whe=at a great friens she is and make her aware of what you think of her as a friend, how much you value her friendship. Keep your friends closer but your enemies closer.Also, remember what friends and husbands are supposed to be like. Most men are dogs so really remember what your friends are supposed to be. Friends do not put friends in the position of feeling uncomfortable everytime they are around your husband, they should always keep their distance at all cost, so nothing could even be thought of being had.This "friend" of yours seems to be loking to move in on you man if she has'nt already. You should dump them both no matter what if they continue to make you feel the way you do, life is too short to continue wondering what you do or don't have

I am a male and have been married a few years.i do not cheat on my wife. I am miserably married and so is my wife.In the past, she has told me how much she hates me and wants out but she hasnt gone anywhere yet. I want to move on with my life but I am afraid she will try to make the divorce process hard for me. I met a girl not long ago and she seems very good for me, but I can't move into anything too serious until the issue with my wife is taken care of. I plan to approach the isssue with my wife about our divorce but I am afraid of how she will handle it, most days she does'nt talk to me and when she does she reminds me of what she thinks of me. I am afraid of how she will handle the topic of divorce and our living situation when her mood is so unpredictable, I can't live like this anymore and want to move on with my life.

Hi I just found out that my husband cheated on me. I am really haveing a hard time with it and I really need some insite on the situation. We have been married for a year last june. A week before our aniversery someone told me that my husband slept with this girl. the same girl that I had asked him about and he swore up and down that he did nothing with her. I was pregnet then and I asked him again. This time I told him that if I find out about it I will leave him. Then he told me that he did do something with her that night. He said that they made out for like 2 minites and then he said I am married I have to go home. then he walked home. so I got throught it the best I could and moved on. Then about 4 weeks after I had my son, he started acting more and more distant after I found out. So I finnaly asked him do you even want to be with me anymore. He awnsered it he doesnt know if he did want to be with me anymore. I was so mortified because he is the only man I ever loved, and he does not want to be with me. I then the next day went to talk to him and I asked him if there was something that he wasnt telling me. He said like what. I knew then and there that there was something. I asked him, you slept with that girl didnt you. He said YES. I was so hurt. This event took place about 3 months after we got married. This is what really happened. He went over to the guys house to have a few drinks, then everyone got him to take shots, and he was drunk this girl kept following him around. she is a girl from out of state that was just there for a couple days. he just met her that night. he went to the side of the house to get away and she followed him. then she started kissing him and one thing led to another. he said 30 sec into haveing sex he stopped and said he was married and walked home. He then kept it from me for so long. Why? doesnt he care about me and his family. we have two children together. one is just 6 weeks old now. and the thing that pisses me off the most is that when he found out that I was pregant again why did he not tell me for his childs sake. Because that girl ended up haveing stds and my son was born with clamidia. why would he not tell me for the sake of that. And why did he sleep with a girl that he just met that night. I dont understand. I feel used and really ugly right now, I met that girl and she to me was not good looking at all, I did not think I had anything to worry about for that reason. And I want to be with him but at the same time I keep thinking about it the sight of him sleeping with that ugly whore haunts me, that is all I can see is him haveing sex with someone else. I asked him if he had not been drinking if he would have had sex with her. and he said no. but still he did it. Should I leave him. because now he says that he wants me and the kids to be with him and that he has no words to say how sorry he is. How do I trust him again. what do I do. Ims sooo confused. and Im so angry that he gave us a std. I dont know what to do or think. One minite I say I got to let him go and save myself from getting hurt again. the next I want to stay cause I love him, and just hope that he wont do it again. And everytime that I talk to him about it he seems to get mad. Im afraid if I say the wrong thing, that he will leave me, and I dont want to loose him. he also told me that he doesnt know it he can trust himself. what is that supposed to mean. I am so confused. sorry this is so long but I have such mixed feelings right now. thank you for listening . I need insite on this.

I am a single woman, and I have never been married. Their is a friend of mine who is currently married, and he is persuing me very hard. We have a 22 year history. We never really got together as boyfriend and girlfriend. We always loose touch and find one another. He's been married now for about 5 years. He tells me he still has feelings for me. He told me we should have gotten married years ago. But he's married now. He has a family. He propositions me daily for sex. He never talks about his wife. No matter how hard I try to get him to talk about her and whether or not they are having marital problems, he changes the subject. I've never been married so I can only assume. I thought sex was pretty regular in a marriage. I don't understand why he propositions me everyday. He has been trying to get me since he got married. Why did he get married? I have asked him, and he wouldn't answer. Why is he trying to cheat on his wife? How can he look his wife in the face and know that his desire for another woman is so great? Does anyone have any advice for me? I know he has feelings for me because of our history. He has admitted his feelings for me. I would really like to know why.

i met a man (who is married ) recently in a professional situation and we had fun working together. we hung out a little because we seemed to enjoy getting to know eachother. it was also advantageous to the work that i get to know him casually as well. one dimension engaged the other more fully. he made a pass at me and i refused. he made several passes and i asked him why he was married if he was so quick to fool around. he said it was ok. he asked why it mattered since i didn't know the wife. I told him that it was simply wrong, and was totally disrespectful and i wasn't going to contribute to his disrespect for her. as a woman and as a human i wasn't going to disrespect another person like that. He didn't really understand that - or it didn;t really matter because he made another pass later that same evening. The project we are working on is an independant thing so there is no complaint dept and we do have to continue working together. So i told him we could if we wanted any type of friendship to evolve out of our getting to know eachother on the other project he would absolutely have to stop making passes. that i would never change my mind about that. He seems to believe that now and actually i think is glad i resisted so that the dynamic is preserved and we can face eachother (and others in the project) honestly moving forward. He has been married for almost 40 years to a wonderful woman ( i met her once). And, of course, he says he loves jesus.

Krysti - i am so sorry for your suffering. i don't know you or your real life. only what you have written here and i am sad for you. it is compassion not pity. i wish i could pour an ocean of strength into you so you coud leave that man. he doe not sound like a good husband and he is taking advantage of your vulnerability. who th ehell am i to say these things? i'm no one. i have no right. he is telling you that he may cheat again. he will always be a cheater. its him not you. you and your children deserve so mcuh better than this.

My entire life, on issues that involve morality that is, I've always thought of myself as being in the percentile of people who would make the right decision...right meaning morally right. Two months ago I went out with some friends...we've all been friends since highschool. The brother of a girl I graduated with met up with us. From the onset we had a conncection. The attraction was more personality than anything. we made each other laugh. As the night progressed and the alcohol filled our blood streams we got a little too close. We all ended up dancing the night away and needless to say you could'nt tell where my body started and his ended. Before the night was over He asked me to walk him to his car so I did, thus extending our touch fest. We said our goodbyes. Finding out after the fact that he was married mortified me, but I had a good time, never planned on talking to him again, so I shook it off and counted that night as one to write down in my journal and laugh with my close girlfriends about. Sunday went by, then Monday came and back to work I went. Around 9am that morning I recieved a text message...from the married man! I was in shock. I waited for a little while, then decided to respond...2 months later were still talking. We talk everyday, and just had sex last week. I know I need to leave, but the connection we have is wonderful...never have I met a man I could laugh with like Jeremy. I'm living a lie...thinking we could actually have a future together. I've never been a dumb woman; I'm def. making up for it now. I wake up every morning telling myself to ignore him, have respect for myself, and to have respect for his wife and 2 year old son.

Today I'm deleting his number and choosing to do the right thing...I pray I can stay strong and realize I deserve better than a BASTARD WHO CAN JUSTIFY IN HIS MIND CHEATING ON HIS WIFE..and that I stop telling myself he's anything different than that! How is it we are so decieved into thinking these are good men!

I found out that my husband of 19 yrs has been "talking" with my COUSIN'S WIFE. They both claim that they are just friends & nothing more. When I checked his cell phone bill, it shows they talked everyday! Sometimes up to 11 times a day! I told my cousin & I told them all that I consider this to be adultery & that they both betrayed me & will go straight to hell! I never in my life would have expected my husband who was my life! I would have never expected it from him of all people! I feel that I can't ever ever trust him again! I hate her & wishes she would disappear! Talking they say, talking about my cousin & I & how we have failed them. Well she admitted to me that my cousin busted my husband calling his wife from a PHONEBOOTH! Tell me they were just talking! My ass! They denied that it couldnt be considered a relationship because they were just good friends, I say they are lying adulters. I am trying to move on with my husband but it's real hard. Every time he leaves the house I can't stop thinking that he's just looking for someone else. I do love him so much but I can't stand seeing her, hearing her-just knowing that she is still in my family makes me sick to my stomach!

I have been seeing a married man for 3 years and 2 months. I did not know he was married at first and fell in love with him immediately. Now after 3 years I found out he's married and he told me he had sex with her 1 time in all these years and he loves me very much. I wake up angry everyday and want to go and tell her and find out the truth. I feel so much anger and shame and lonliness. Do these human beings ever think about how the people they tell "I love you" to feel. I'm imploding. Got any advice?

I also feel like telling his wife all about this. Because I feel so deceived and angry I wonder if this the right action to take. She must feel horrible being ignored and decieved all these years. The time and memories I have with this man. I even was planning on having a baby with him and those years are gone now. I'm 44 and wondering how I'm ever going to start over and get on with my life. My higher self kicks in every minute now (he just told me a 4 days ago). The question is do I just drop him flat (we are and have seem to have been extremely emtionally close-except for nothing makes much sense now). He came to see me once since than and brought flowers and I want to just tear them up. I was not really myself and cannot bring myself to even touch him. I'm angry!#@#$ But I want to tell his wife. DOES SHE DESERVE THE TRUTH? I THINK SO. But am I just being vindictive with my feelings. He said to me the other day that I was such a nice nice person, not malicious bone in my body. What the heck did he mean by that? (Don't tell her perhaps) It is the truth. Question- Is it fair to all concerned for me to tell her? Will it help me or him? I'm not looking for an enemy and might want to be friends with him in the future (or at least I don't want to have someone hating me and create bad will). Not telling her would create good will and a better friendship between us-he's made me quite dependent upon him. Is telling her beneficial to all concerned? Please give me some feedback. Thanks.

My lover and i are both married. We have been together for 15 years, He is my best friend. My problem I feel betryed by him when I know that he has been with his wife( sexually) I guess because it doesnt happen very often. Is this crazy???

Any of you who are having affairs with married men should be ashamed of yourselves... Men who cheat are PIGS, but women who cheat with them are no better.

i think that all guys arent the same there all diferent thats what makes us girls love them but almost all of them do the same thing they cheat,lie,beat there woman and well yea but if u have the trust in ur man than you have a great relationship

We live in a world that offers sex in every aspect of our lives. A person without a faith based approach to life can hardly reject sinful pleasures. We live in a "me" society. Why not pursue what pleases you at the expense of your spouse and children. Got God?!!! "In all things acknowledge HIM and he will direct your path."
How can you be in tune with what God teaches and still pursue your secretary? You can't.

When i first started dating my now husband, we never were committed for a while. He admitted to making out with a girl and suposly just going to her house and watching a movie to talk because he wasn't over her and wanted to know why they broke up etc. Well I thought i forgave him but i have so much things running through my head lately so im starting to get depressed. What do i believe?? Its been a year and a half shouldn't i get over it?? He won't admit anything happened, so i should trust him because im married to the man, but i just don't think men would just not do anything. can someone please help me because i go nuts? I know this is my own personal demons, i should have been over it before we were married, i tried to forget about it is the problem i never really got over it or forgave. any help would be great.

Listen Joey:
You married the man. You do not have to stay... You must know that part, but, he married you. You will ruin what you love if you don't try to make it good for him and to give it your best shot! Remember... he married you! Now, realize that if you are the best and at your best and gicve your've done all you could, and you will feel good about it. If you don't trust... be careful. Do your research. Do what you can to have awareness.... don't be stupid! But, if he married you, show him you are willing to give him your all...even if it is not really so.... make him believe through the passion ...that makes you crazy!!! Crazy right.... and offer him your love. Don't accuse, don't argue, don't be mean spirited, give him what you want and trust and hope he gives it back and qietly, be sure to cobver your back... Don't leave all your money in his hands, be independent and grow your self the best you!!! Because no one wants someone who is fucked up! So be ... the best! The sweetest, the kindest and if that's not good enough, then it never was gonna be and he does not deserve you!!!!! But don't get crazy... He may very well love you. Give him a chance to grow up enough to love you. He just might be for real but stupid. No one is perfect... But just don't let him ... use, abuse or truly let you down... You deserve to love you give.

I have been a faithful wife for over 16 years and I was cheated on (I'm quite sure many times) and then a slut had a child by my husband and I found out about it in the past 5 years. He kept this person in his life for 10 years yet he say she was blackmailing him. But to make a long story short, he has abused me, mistreated me and still lies yet he loves me. Now he has turned the situation as if I am the problem after I struggled to stay yet my heart has ached for the past 16 years of the intution of him cheating. He won't leave and I have not had sex with him in over 3 months and he comes in when he wants and lays in bed and goes to sleep. I am sleeping from room to room and I cry every nite. We have 3 children but I am loosinig my mind. What do I do!

i went on holiday skiing with a big group of people i was the youngest being 15. i would go off to clubs with the youngest poeple (oldest being 24) and we would go out and get drunk. the oldest has a girl friend and a daughter and then there is a 20 year old who was in a realtionship aswell. i pulled (snoged for you oldies) them both :( i was really druk at the time, i no that is no excuse. the 20yr old still contacts me and writes dirty texts to me i thought it was fun at 1st but now i think it is wrong.

my advice to all these women is loads of men are absolute idiots and some are the best same goes for women, but if you have no trust in a realtionship there is no reationship. a reationship is built on trust. you may be thinking i am only 15 and don't know anything about serious relationships but sometimes its best for an outsider looking in to help or some1 who has a broader mind. i hope i have helped x

I had no reason to post any of this apart from to help some of these women who have written, i have no real problem and i now kinda wished i hant posted it but i have, i have told the guy now to leave me alone he is repecting my wishes so its all sorted.
people do silly things, i am not a cheater but you may say how can i say tht with what i have just written, hope all of you with problem sort it all out x x i do not agree tht men all cheat on there wives tho my step-dad is faithful and you couldn'y get more faithful then my dad x

i love my husband but i cannot forgive him for what he has done to me, he has turned my life upside down and inside out. it is a long story but here i go...i was 21 when i met him we became very close friends and then when i was 23 he finally asked me out, we had been going out for 5 yrs when he asked me to marry him, so i thought i had a solid relationship, it was a month before we were due to be wed, i had noticed he was talking to my parents alot i was just thinking it was a suprise or something, the wedding went on beautiful everything a girl could ask for, the after party was fab and we went on our honeymoon to the "land down under" and he kept wanting me to call my parents and he insisted he spoke to them too, i thought it was fishy but i had nothing to go on, so i forgot about it, later on that year i gave birth to a beautiful baby girl called jessica, my parents visited me in hospital and my husband and my mum were making eyes from accross the bed, i though it was my hormones trying to back to normall therefore playing with my mind. my daughter was now 11 monthes and i had been at work for a while and i had to got on a business trip, i was allowed home early because of bad weather, i walked in my house quielty i wanted to suprise my husband i heard noise from upstirs in our room, when i opened the bedroom door it ws me who got the biggest suprise, when i found him in bed with my mum, my mum of all poeple i was and still am distraught! they are both asking fr my forgiveness but how could my husband do it to me his daughter mny dad and my whole family, and how could my mum do it to her own daughter!!!!! husband and her grandaughter, i have no clue what to do shall i forgive and forget or never talk to either of them and just let them see jessica, as far as i know my mum and husband are together so she has left my dad heart broken aswell. im in a right pickel what am i going to do? any help or advice is welcome

think it was really informative and useful .

Saying that all men cheat is stereotyping. I am a 49 year old man who has never cheated on a girlfriend or my wife. I'm not ever tempted or would ever put myself in a position to become tempted. I am by no means perfect but when it comes to fidelity in my marriage, I am perfect.
My Father never cheated on my mother and I know that for a fact. They were married until death do us part. Men of good character do not cheat. Women who are are cheated on should have zero tolerance because if he cheats once he will cheat again. I'm really proud that I'm one of the good ones.

I want to let Suzzanna know that her experience is a disappointment for us all. To think that a mother figure could be so
selfish. Surely a stranger can be so... your husband is no guarantee. What you describe is just heartless, selfish, narcissism. I wish you the best in getting over it. Yes there are many people who will cheat out of need... their need for something missing... but this thing you describe is not out of the human drive for love that it is missing... It is an ugly selfish unneecessary wicked act again you and your baby. These people are not worthy of your pain. Best wishes for surviving that foolishness. There are nice men and women out there. I have faith. Just look at what Tony Bowen says. There has got to be soemone out there for you who will be good to you...

I just found out that my boyfriend who is seperated cheated on me! Do I even get to complain. I am very hurt and very in love. He is my first love. He is latin and 39. I am 26 white. Do latin men cheat more? Does anyoune have any advice. Can people change? A person cant be defined by one act in their life? Can they? If so who would all of us really be? Should I give him another chance or not?

Not all men cheat and not all women cheat but some do. It seems more men get caught than women do. My ex-wife cheated on me and i remained faithful to her until we legally sepereated. Men and women can remain faithful to one persoon only if they really want to and really love and respect the person that they're with. Being unfaithful is a choice and most people choose to be that way it's sad but it's true. I myself don't believe in hurting someone you say "I love you" to.

I am married for about a year now, and all of a sudden my husband who is 11 years older than me, stopped saying "I love you", or "I miss you". He became a new person all of a sudden. And, amazingly, when this is brought to his attention, he gets annoyed and says that I ask for too much attention. After I read all of the above messages about cheating husbands, I wonder now, if he cheats on me, or simpply he lost interest in me. Can somebody answer me why do men change so easily ?.

Please be careful, women. I know a man (US) who is married, who gave his wife an incurable STD, and then blamed it on another woman. After that he carried on a string of affairs with women around the world, spreading his disease to them. Insist on seeing your man's STI test results before letting him touch you. There is nothing you can get from a man that you can't get for yourself. Sex is not an acceptable currency of exchange.

I am a 26 year old female who is currently engaged to a married man who is 44 years old, soon to be 45. He is going to divorce mediation this week, and I am worried that he will not go though with the divorce. We have lived together for over a year, and when I met him we decided we would just see eachother on the weekend. Now, we are highly involved and it bothers me to the point that I am sick to think about the situation as a whole. I donot know anymore if I want to be with him. I am scared and worried that he will do the same to me. Never get involved with men that are married. They make a commiment to there wives then break them. I do fear he will do the same to me, so the only thing I can do is trust in God that he will be true. I donot know what makes a man cheat, the thrill, or the adreanal rush, i wonder what cause men to cheat. What makes them think to be with other women, when they have all the women that they need in front of them. Then they are stuck either with the wife with which they cheated on, on alone, or with other numerous women. What is the point to cheat on your wife? Why did you marry? I donot believe in men who cheat, but who am I , I am engaged to a married man whom is not yet divorced. I guess we should know ourself and be true to oneself, that is really what matters when you die, the Truth.

I am going throught his right now. My man is cheating on me and I finally got the phone number of the other woman and called her to confirm what I already knew. He has lied about it for the past month and when I try to bring it up he winds up using it against me saying I am a crazy psycho bitch and if I don't leave him alone then he is going to cheat. Well the fact is that when they start talking like that it's because they already are cheating and they resent that you are on to them and they have no recourse than to try to put a blame on someone else because of their guilt (yeah somewhere in there they actually do feel guilty)This sucks so bad and all through this the guy is telling me he loves me. What happened to breaking up with a person rather than putting them through this horrible humiliation? I would really love to know what goes on in the mind of a cheater that makes him hurt so many people and yet he never learns a lesson from it and just continues doing it? I know the answer is to leave him for good because he will continue doing it. They never stop and if you take him back the first time because he made a mistake and he never cheats again great. But if he cheats again then you have already given him two too many chances. I think I am more traumatized by the fact that he is actually blaming me for his cheating and the way I already feel, well this is just making it worse for me.

All I have to say to all of you, is that you need to be strong, faithful, through everything, and find something else to do, but feel bad about yourself as I think everyones is a conformist. You don't have to be. Be a leader. Choose your path. Sex ain't everything, or if you are lonely, poor babies......go to work! Get a hobby for goodness sake.

the reason men cheat is the same reason our crime rate is the highest in the world.....justice...not cops, judges, or court systems though it directly effects them... our country does not teach or in still personal justice or the ideal that it can and is a virtue, and should bee seen as good and a standard to live ones life by... but our county focuses on distributing justice upon us and not in us so the ideal that “If I don't get caught then it's not bad.” runs rampant!!!! So, if he was never raised or taught, with or of any kind of virtues or ethics than it's not “their fault”, per say...They only know the difference between good and bad by, good feelings, and bad feelings, and that it's bad to get caught because “I get punished”(as child spankings, pain..Bad..feelings..) THUS carried over (adult punishment distrusted upon them when caught, by judicial system, jail, fines, death) So, if like a child "I don't get caught and I don't RECEVE any pain, then its good and what I did was not bad and seen good." when in fact the ACT itself was very bad, he does not have a core value/virtue or even the ideal that personal justice is essential or virtuous. I am a MAN who has NEVER cheated....EVER...and though I have only been married 5 months, "I" will never cheat or leave my wife... because I have and established a core personal ideal of the virtue, of justice in my personal life... what I have written IS IN NO WAY to condone ANY of the despicable, disgusting, juvenile, and Ignorent SELFISH acts of a Male
s, or FEMALE'S, unfaithfulness or cheating, because it's not only us men who don't have or was taught this core value or virtue; ITS YOU TOO LADIES!!!!!!!! I have been cheated on several times and none were men..:)

some things are the obvious. Some men are selfish jerks as are some women and some are capable of loving. Men and women must choose their lovers wisely. I hope in the future I do. It is not easy. I am studying the process because I have had bad luck. My husband of twenty years is not a cheater. However, he is an aggressive abuser and has created a very deep fracture in our relationship that I can't fix. I tried but now, I fell in love with someone else... This time, a narcissistic egotist who cares fro no one but himself and is passive aggressive in his abuse of me and his spouse!!! Yes!And I am at fault for letting him in... no on else to blame. Let's hope three's a charm!!!!!

I ran an experiment in order to try to understand why people cheat and the simple reason is really "they don't think it's wrong."

Sure, they have sex with the other person but it's just physical - they really "love" their wives.

And that's the main point. People may tell them they are wrong but in truth, cheaters don't feel that way because they do not think there's anything wrong. They feel and so they act.

For those who think this way, why do you marry?

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Hello, my name is brian sluk, I recently had a relation trouble that almose made me commit sucide, because the only one true woan i love was laft me because she travelled to finish her education in foreign country. she was no longer returning my calls or emails, till she clearly told me she is now dating someone else that life has to move on that i should do the same.
It hurt me so badly like my whole life is about to end, then i went online to know if there was anything i can do to change things then i saw people talking about a great spell caster whose email is, i did the same by contacting him because i needed her desperately and the spell caster did brought her back after 2days, we were now so much inlove all of a sudden, she started calling apologising, she calls morning, afternoon, and evening, just to make sure am okay.
The spell caster really changed everything to good if not i would have done something harmful to my self.
All thanks to the great spell caster, contact him on issues.

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Thank you Prophet salifu for the Retrieve A Love Spell you cast for me And I'd like to thank you for it. My ex and I have been back together for a month now. And it's been even better than before. I think this time it's forever. We've been talking of moving in together, and maybe getting married in the future. Things between us are great. I thank you for helping to bring him back to me. After our time apart, we've learned to appreciate each other more, and not take anything for granted. Thank you. or , but i thank God for giving me the ability to find you to solve my problems i now can't imagine that my business is doing better than i thought and i will always live to be greatful....

Vicky, canada

Hi everyone, am oscar from Russia, i have a few miracle that happened in my live and it brought joy and happiness to me and my family. Two years ago i lost my job because a new boss was transferred to the company were i work, and he doesn't understand english very much, so i that was how i lost my job and things got wierd in my family and everything i have got bad and worse.
Then my fiancee whom we are to very soon leftme just because i was now unable to take care of her. I had a friend who told me about spell and he referred me to a spell caster on, i was very skeptical about using magic to get back to my feet again, but i had to do it because i have no choice.
The spell caster told me 2days later i shall see results without mistakes. I did what's is necessary to have it done, at exactly the second day after the spell, my company called me back and gave me back my job.
Thngs happened just as the spell caster told me. i was so happy and glad, Then i wanted to do a spell also to bring my lover back, but i felt it wasn't necessary but the spell caster encouraged me to do it if i love her and when he did the spell too she came back to me pleading never to do ir make such errors ever again.
Thanks to the spell caster for making my life useful to my self once again.

Hello all,

Many of you ask yourself, what if i had the password of my friend / girlfriend / boyfriend, associate, life partner to know the truth about your near partner, and reassuring that they do not hide you something.
You have the right to be reasured !
For all that are in need of this kind of services We come to your aid, feel free to contact us on our mail for any information, we will be happy to help you

"Owning the information, means having the power "

right on. thank you. ive just been jilted by my guat lover

He will not call nor come and visit me,and when i see him i will continue to complain and don't have my time and when i ask him if i offend him,he will say no and i don't know why he keep on doing this to me. I love him so much that i cant let him go or lose him for another girl, i always cry both day and night.I will still go to him and apologize,the problem i was having with him over some month ago is that he don't pick my calls and don't want to see me,he will go around telling people that i am pest to his life,and also tell them to tell me that he don't love me again.And this is a man that we have have been dating for over three years and now he thorn me down,but i give glory to who find in this forum and he was faithful and able to solve my problem for me.Now i am happy he his back to me and he treated me like a baby.

Just wanted to say thanks to therapist Oniha OF THE soooooooooo much for the amazing spell of making up with getting back together. a day before yesterday the 13 of January was that all important First Date and it was absolutely fantastic� i just had an email from her saying what a great time she had and how she can�t believe how cool it was to be together again,now I am so much stronger and happier. but I can�t believe how well life is going only 3 weeks after I felt like I was half dead. Thank you so much therapist Oniha for getting us together again.

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